Dunoon Men’s Shed – Marimba donated to LaValla and Yodifee School in Cambodia

The Marimba built by the Dunoon Men’s Shed using donated materials from the community was a big hit with the kids at LaValla and Yodifee School in Phnomh Penh, Cambodia.

Here, Liam and Breanna, from Dunoon are playing the Marimba at the school talent quest held on Christmas day 2013. Liam, Breanna and Miranda raised funds for the Cambodian school by busking at the Lismore Car Boot market – thank you to Marny for the opportunity, and to all the generous people who donated at the market.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to building the Marimba and getting it to Cambodia, and to Liam, Breanna, Miranda, Kay, Emily and Suze who raised the funds for the events held on Christmas day. Best Christmas day ever!

Sign on Marimba donated to LaValla/Yodifee

Sign on Marimba donated to LaValla/Yodifee by Dunoon Community

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2 Responses to Dunoon Men’s Shed – Marimba donated to LaValla and Yodifee School in Cambodia

  1. Alan Mackie says:

    Dear Bronwen,
    I was delighted, courtesy of Rod Little, when I read that the Dunoon Men’s Shed had been commissioned to undertake this project.
    Rod kept me informed on progress, and sleepless nights, which culminated in the safe delivery of the Marimba to Cambodia.
    As a founder member of the Shed, not a little to do with the persuasive charm of Reg Gregor, I would raise three cheers to the band of blokes who turn up each week and make these wishes come true and although I am now far away, back in the UK, my thoughts are with them all.
    I would guarantee that any man who has the time to drop in when the Shed is open (Wednesday) will enjoy the warm welcome (and a bit of gentle ribbing) that comes when like-minded people meet, and there might be a skill you didn’t know you had waiting to be unleashed.
    Best wishes to all at the Gazette
    Alan Mackie

  2. Bronwen says:

    Thanks Alan,
    It was certainly a great initiative and I enjoyed getting to know some of the people from the Men’s Shed. I’ll put a bit more about the Cambodia visit and the Marimba in the next edition of the Gazette. Great to see you have subscribed to the mailing list – I hope you enjoy receiving the electronic edition and staying up to date.

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