Local Action Seeking Solutions for Proposed Telstra Tower Location

Possible income potential – Does your property have a suitable place for a tower?

At a recent meeting of Dunoon residents, concerns were raised about Telstra’s intention to build a Communication Tower at Lot 10A Fraser road – otherwise known as Dorrobbee Grass Reserve.  It was acknowledged that better mobile reception is important for Dunoon but that there are many issues surrounding the placement of the tower.

It has taken locals a few months of networking with stakeholders to collate and understand this information. It is not our impression that Telstra and LCC could have properly taken into account the significance of Dorrobbee Grass Reserve for the ongoing health and wellbeing of the community.

We would like to find a single tower location that will be appropriate for Dunoon to move ahead without impacting harshly on the village’s cultural and environmental attributes. Immediate action needs to be taken to find another site and preserve the integrity of this valuable community resource. Community members are committed to work with Telstra to locate a lower impact site.

Would you like to earn around $10,000 per year for doing nothing?

Are you a landholder with a high point on your property with a suitable buffer area?

With just a small area (approx 10m x 5m) you could earn about $10,000 a year by leasing that land to host the Dunoon Telstra tower.

We are currently looking for suitable alternative sites to put forward to Telstra. If you would like further information, please contact:

If you don’t have a hill and you’ve been looking for a good one to walk on, we encourage you to become familiar with this irreplaceable ‘Crown of Dunoon’.

If you have something you would like to add to the discussion, email
You can also email Telstra

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