Dorrobbee Grass

Dorobbee Grass is located at 10 Fraser Road, Dunoon and has a short walking track and beautiful views of the area.

Aerial View of Dorrobbee Grass


Here are some links to information about Dorrobbee Grass, our beautiful local reserve.

Dorrobbee – Grassy Pathways Burn and Gathering September 15th 2015

For those that don’t already know the Dorrobbee Grasslands Reserve is located on the corner of Dunoon Road and Fraser Road. More than just the site of the public assets (water tank and NBN tower), this extra special place is treasured by many in the local and wider community for its ecological and cultural values.

Unique in its ecological significance, it is the last remaining intact native grassland ecosystem (dominated by Themeda) within the Big Scrub bioregion.

The Widjabul people looked after this site for time immemorial by traditional firestick management. In 1878, as an open space in the densely forested Big Scrub, it was gazetted as a reserve for recreation and camping and was utilised as a grazing rest stop for the bullocks lugging Red Cedar from the Big Scrub. In 2004, NSW Minister for Lands appointed trustees to maintain the Grasslands and manage the reserve for ongoing public recreation. Led by the late Ralph Woodford, a team of locals have been actively maintaining the site predominately through ecological burning.

The Dorrobbee Grasslands Reserve Trust has recently been notified of our success with two grant applications. One, through the Public Reserves Management Fund Program, will assist in addressing the woody weeds that are encroaching the reserve from the property boundaries largely road verge. Also, with the support of a Dept of Social Services Volunteer Grant, the Trust will soon have a portable toilet that can be brought on site to enable special events to be held at the Grass.

The Reserve Trust holds regular working bees for a few hours in the morning of the first Sunday of the month starting at 8am. All welcome to come lend a hand. There is always a range of tasks to suit everyone. If you can’t make it to the working bee make sure you find time to enjoy a stroll along the tracks and soak up the view.

For further information contact Jally on 0428 334 793

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