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Issue No 164

December 2017 – January 2018


































I am writing this from Melbourne, at the home of my beloved parents-in-law. We have just been looking at the photobook that I finally managed to complete, after starting four years ago!

As many of you know, I am very keen to capture our history, and part of the mission of the Gazette is to capture history as it happens, as well as to publish people’s memories of their own history or the history of people and places that are important to them.

The “Write Your Life” group that we started earlier this year was intended to help inspire people to capture their stories, and we made a great start. Unfortunately, events in my life meant that I was unable to continue after September, but I do hope that we can continue it again in the near future. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people in my writing group for inspiring me to finish the incomplete project of my father-in-law’s photobook.

The book was a collaborative effort, with my own mother flying to Melbourne and staying with my in-laws, Paul and Pauline, and undertaking the interview four years ago, which she recorded on her iPad, then later transcribed. A good friend from Dunoon then later interviewed both Paul and Pauline on the subject of their immigration from Malta, as part of her university assignment, which filled in some gaps and gave some valuable insights into the lives of new Australians. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law scanned many photographs from old photo albums. My husband interrogated his father on what the photos included, who the people were and when they were taken. A challenge to remember all of these things. Then finally, the whole project came together, the order was placed and the books delivered. I am scared to read it in detail in case I have missed something and have made a mistake, but at least it is finally done! Something imperfect is still a lot better than nothing!

I have just had the pleasure of having a lovely long chat with the family priest, who has been so much a part of the family history and he has some great stories to tell. He kindly gave me permission to record the conversation on my smartphone. What a great use of technology – so easily to hand, and so unobtrusive, the phone is a great way to record history.

If you have a parent, a friend or a relatives that you believe has a story to tell (and we all do!), get in and make a start with a simple recording. Or do one of your own. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Read more in this edition about our Dunoon and District’s history in the making, or Charles’ memories of Papua New Guinea (I have learned so much from Charles’ stories during my time as editor!).

There are some great events coming up – Member’s Christmas party on 15th December at the Sport Club, Family fun day at Lismore Memorial Baths on December 17th, Film night at the Dunoon Hall on 20th January, Ballina Players “The Little Mermaid” 12th–21st January, Australia Day at the Club on 26th January, to name a few.

If you, or anyone you know is good with kids and is looking to find or create a job close to home, have a look at the advertisement for Northern Rivers Family Day Care on page 4.

And for rural landholders, there is an opportunity to protect and enhance biodiversity and/or koala habitat – see ad on page 10 and Council news on page 21.

I hope you all have a happy and festive holiday season, and all the very best for 2018.

Bronwen Campbell, 0439842237



Sydney Opera House Excursion

by Rosie and Philippa (Year 5)

The Dunoon Marimba Ensemble performed as part of the Small Schools Marimba Ensemble at the Sydney Opera House in November.

We stayed for five fabulous days at the Travelodge hotel and spent time performing and touring the sites of Sydney with students from Kentucky, Bedgerabong and Stuarts Point Public Schools. We all had such an amazing time. As well as performing at the Sydney Opera House, we rehearsed at Bondi Junction, had fun at Luna Park, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon, caught a ferry to Manly, did a role play at Parliament House, visited Taronga Zoo, shopped at Paddy’s markets, toured the replica of ‘The Endeavour’, swam at the Aquatic Centre and flew home!

Here are some comments from the team.

Kyle: On Tuesday evening, we went to perform at the Opera House. We played a tricky marimba piece called Popcorn. The Opera House was exciting and packed with people.

Philippa: Being on stage was amazing and the applause we got when we finished was really loud!

Cassandra: It’s really fun being able to have an opportunity like that. I’ve been able to go to Sydney three times to perform at The Opera House.

Leif: I really liked the Aquatic Centre and I enjoyed the zoo as well. I’m glad I had the privilege to go three times.

Zeke: The Aquatic Centre was really fun and I loved Taronga Zoo, especially the snakes. I tamed a reptile!

Ella: We visited the tall replica ship, The Endeavour which was really interesting because we have studied this in class and to be on a tall ship was amazing. I can’t believe how cramped the ship was!

Leyla: I loved the Aquatic Centre! We had lots of fun there.

Emil: I liked Parliament House. We got to debate about if kids should go to school on Saturdays to improve their NAPLAN results.

Sunny: It was interesting to learn about how debates can lead to changes in the law.

Rosie: Including playing at the Opera House, we went to some exciting places such as Luna Park, a climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon, a visit to Taronga Zoo, a ferry trip to Manly and much more.

All of us would like to thank Mrs Slocombe for all her hard work in teaching us marimbas, encouraging us to practise and making this fantastic experience happen!

Heather Laverick


As I sit and write this, I can count the numbers of days left in term four on one hand. Modanville students are gearing up for the school holidays, and our year six students say goodbye to Modanville for the last time. As always at this time of the year, we are sad to see them go but excited for them as they begin the next chapter in their lives.

We have had a very busy term with lots of exciting programs to inspire the students. We spent five weeks having a fantastic gymnastics program running at the school where experts came in and trained the students and staff on the correct ways to execute gymnastics safely. The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

We also spent two weeks travelling to Lismore for our intensive swimming program, which was held at the Trinity Swimming Pool this year. The dedicated swimming instructors made this a very enjoyable and worthy experience, with all the students making noticeable progress throughout the scheme.

Our Grandparents’ Morning Tea and Modanville’s Got Talent were another highlight of term four. It was so nice to see the students welcoming their grandparents into the school and showing them some of their work. The students then entertained the grandparents and parents with songs and dances that they had worked on themselves. It was a fun day had by all.

Our year three and four students had a fabulous school camp at Lake Ainsworth this term. The students got to experience lots of outdoor activities like kayaking, archery, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, bike riding and pool games. At night time they enjoyed a trivia night, a fair and kitchen duties. They all came back exhausted but with a big smile on their faces.

At the beginning of this term we welcomed Dunoon Preschool to our school for a visit. The students had a great time singing, dancing, crafting and meeting some new friends. For some preschool students, this visit was a warm-up for their kindergarten orientation days that followed over the next three weeks. We welcomed a great bunch of students into our school for our Kindergarten Transition Program and we can’t wait for them to start with us next year.

Speaking of next year, we are so excited about the new technology that has been purchased for our school with help from the P&C. We have five new interactive touchscreen TVs and new iPads. We also have purchased Spheros and We Do 2 Kits, which the students will learn to code. We are looking forward to embracing this new technology and giving the students the opportunity to learn some vital 21st century skills. If this sounds like something that you want your child to be involved in, we are still accepting enrolments for 2018. Have a safe and happy Christmas from the students and staff of Modanville Public School.

Erin Azzopardi


After 31 years servicing our local area Jeff and Dawn Hall of Halls Country Buses are retiring. They purchased the run in May 1986 from Mrs Collins. At the time they had a one-year old son, Jason and soon would have another baby on the way (Aaron).

Jeff drove a 57 seat 1976 Bedford, which was used to carry 94 students to school. The bus collected students from Whian Whian, Dunoon, Numulgi, Woodlawn and conveyed them into Lismore. A year later a 2nd bus joined the fleet to eliminate overcrowding. This bus was driven by Dawn with their youngest son Aaron in a baby seat. The Bedford was replaced by an Isuzu and then a Mercedes and then another Mercedes which is the bus that is now on the run, together with a Mitsubishi Rosa.

As you could imagine, after 31 years of carrying our local children to School, Jeff and Dawn hold a special place in many family’s hearts. If you were to travel on the bus today you will see children of the children that rode the bus all of those years ago.

During their years of conveying children to school they experienced many of nature’s extreme events:

Floods: On one occasion the floodwater rose so quickly that a family in Numulgi were cut off from their children. Jeff and Dawn used their boat to return the children safely to their parents. There have also been many times where the bus has been left at Numulgi and Jeff has waded through chest high water to go and do the school run or return home.

Hail storms and also the massive storm event that went through Dunoon in 2007: The bus was unable to move for approximately two hours because of fallen power lines and debris. The children awarded Jeff the “Best Bus Driver Award”. Jeff and Dawn have gone above and beyond the call of duty and it has been appreciated by all of the families they’ve met.

However, this year sees the end of Halls Country Buses and the beginning of a Halls Bus Company. The bus run has been purchased by Jeff and Dawn’s son and daughter-in-law Aaron and Jeri Hall. Aaron and Jeri know they have big shoes to fill but rest assured they are up to the challenge.

They have been heavily involved with the buses throughout the year and have enjoyed getting to know the children. As parents themselves, they understand how important the job is. History repeats itself as their children Ryder and Willow ride the Numulgi bus with Jeri daily (Willow in a baby seat just like her Dad was many years ago).

We have made lots of lovely friends over the years and have always looked forward to the start of the next term to get back to see the kids. We are so grateful to have a job where we’ve met so many beautiful young people and we’re going to miss them.  It is incredible how many grown-ups (past students) see us in the street and give us a big hug or hand shake.  It is very rewarding.  A big thank you to all our parents and students over the last 31 years” Jeff and Dawn Hall.


The end of year is around the corner, sigh! What a massive Term 4 we have had with: school transition visits; hosting a play space at the Lismore Show; yoga with Joanna; a bus trip to the rescue helicopter; a Bunnings BBQ; welcoming new children and families and recently preparing and then performing our end of year concert. We are so thankful for the links we have with the local schools, the greater community and the opportunities we have had.

We would like to thank our families for another great year and wish our Preschoolers, Playgroupers and their families a very restful and healthy holiday period. Farewell to some of our long-term families as they move on to big school adventures forever.

Dunoon Preschool will return in 2018. New families are invited to our enrolment morning on Tuesday the 30th from 9:30-11:30. Returning families start on Wednesday the 31st. We have fresh new hours and fees for 2018 so check out our website for more details or email

Easy Breezy Holiday wishes to all,

Kate and Team


Birth of Bahá’u’lláh Bicentenary Celebrations

In late October it was 200 years since the Birth in northern Persia (now Iran) of the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’i Faith, Bahá’u’lláh (meaning the Glory of God.)

In the Northern Rivers, most of the Bahá’ís live in one of the four main centres: Lismore, Ballina-Lennox, Byron Bay and South Tweed.  Each of these four Bahá’í communities hosted one or more special events, all spread over the last two weekends in October.

In Lismore we held an Interfaith Celebration of the life and legacy of Bahá’u’lláh on Sunday afternoon October 22 between 2.30pm and 5.30pm, in the Fountain Room under the City Hall.

It included live and recorded music, a 10-minute video of Bahá’u’lláh’s very dangerous life, and a couple of short prayers from each of God’s sequence of religions. These prayers all focussed on the never-ending universal themes of Love and Unity, as the only path towards our ultimate goal − an end to wars and suffering.

The live music included three songs from the young people (12-15) who are in our weekly after-school ‘Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme’ at Goonellabah. They had also made a large banner, and two iced cakes for the afternoon tea. After we’d eaten, we showed a short second film about what the Australian Bahá’is are now doing around the country, to contribute to the better world for everyone which Bahá’u’lláh promises.

Thank you Teachers

At most of the public schools with Bahá’í scripture classes, the main class project early this term has been making individual Thank You Teacher cards, listing the virtues that each child has seen their teacher showing, most obviously and often.

These cards will be presented at our Bahá’i Teacher-appreciation Cake Days, later in the term.

This activity is part of our continuous focus − always looking for good things in the world to be grateful for, rather than focusing on the negative.

Bahá’u’lláh Bicentenary presentations to schools

We offered the schools where there are Bahá’i classes a special presentation about the life of Bahá’u’lláh, to see at the time of His Bicentenary, and two schools so far have scheduled that to happen this term – Corndale in late November and Coffee Camp, early in December.

We’ve offered the presentation to our other schools early next term, if they can’t fit it in during this term.

All the best for the Holidays and the festive season.

Bill Henderson


Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID to make a splash at Ballina Players

Tickets are on sale for the Ballina Players Theatre Company’s latest production ‘The Little Mermaid’. Starring Jade Rushwood as Ariel, the beautiful but rebellious mermaid who is fascinated by the world and lives of people on dry land, and longs to someday join them, especially when she meets her prince, played by Liam Gatt (a Dunoon local).

This popular Disney Classic is not just for children and will delight audiences of all ages. It includes the catchy and award-winning songs “Under the Sea,” and “Part of Your World”, with Max Foggon (B. Contemporary music) as vocal director. You can also see Max on stage as King Triton.

This exciting production is created by an almost entirely new production team, led by Jacquie McCalman, and mentored by Mike Sheehan and Sue Belsham.  The Little Mermaid runs at Ballina Players from 12th–21st January.

Details and booking information on the website or via Facebook. Tickets can also be purchased from ‘Just Funkin Music’ in River St, Ballina.


Best wishes for the festive season

We would like to wish everyone a happy and festive Christmas season from all of us here at Elders. We have an exciting property to show you this month – an opportunity not to be missed.

Country General Store – Business & Freehold

88 James Street Dunoon

Nestled high in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland and conveniently located in the heart of the village is the Dunoon General Store and residence. Step back in time and enjoy country living whilst generating a substantial income stream from this historic General Store and Bottle Shop. A picturesque town, Dunoon has maintained its village feel and community spirit with its public school, preschool, post office, mechanic and sports club with top quality sporting fields.

The business is in a terrific location for passing trade being close to the popular Whian Whian Falls and swimming holes and also the majestic Minyon Falls and its nature walks; Protesters Falls and the Nightcap Ranges are only 20 kms away. The monthly Channon markets which attract people from all over are only 6 kms away. The Northern Rivers business hub of Lismore is only 17 kms away and Byron Bay is a 40 km drive.

The current owners of the General Store and Bottle Shop have worked tirelessly; they purchased 8 years ago and built the business to a point that is now exceeding all expectations with its continual growth. They have almost doubled the turnover of the shop in sales per year since taking over. Dunoon is a growing town with more blocks being built on, but they strongly believe that the growth of the business is due to their old fashioned customer service, the drive to want to please every customer, keep them happy and keep them coming back. As you can see from the photos they have invested their profits back into the business and infrastructure and everything presents extremely well. At the moment there is GREAT casual staff to assist in the day to day running of the business.

The owners have created a modern space in the residence. They have renovated the home throughout making it a comfortable place to reside. The kitchen has been upgraded to commercial grade for future development of the shop. The back deck overlooks the valley and mountains to the west and the back yard has been levelled and tiered to maximise the space.

So why do they want to sell? Their boys were only babies when they started this venture, so as well as running the shop they have managed to successfully raise their boys who now earn pocket money helping mum and dad where they can. Before the boys start high school they want to travel around Australia in their 4WD and caravan and live the adventure of a lifetime, opening up this profitable business opportunity for someone else to reap the rewards.

If you are dreaming of a change in lifestyle and want more for your family, then here is an opportunity to do exactly that and GET AHEAD IN LIFE.



The Dunoon and District Sports and Recreation Club is a community owned and run resource serving the people of Dunoon and surrounding areas.

We encourage everyone to get involved, to join one of the sporting clubs or simply come along and enjoy the facilities.

Special Events

Kids’ Xmas Party and Pantomime  was held on Saturday 9th December. Great fun was had by all with the pantomime, a jumping castle and games. Have a look at the photos of the pantomime “The Gingerbread Man and the Hugebottoms”!

Members’ Xmas Party and Mega Raffle Friday 15th December

Australia Day festivities Friday 26th January

Please note that the club will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

For enquiries please phone 66895444

For restaurant bookings phone 66895469


“THE GREAT WAVES CRASHED DOWN on the houses crushing and breaking them, and carrying people and the broken pieces on a violent, tumbling ride into the lagoon. The swollen waters of the lagoon then escaped back to the sea, carrying away people, animals and debris in a strong current. When it was quiet again those who survived swam to dry land or picked themselves up from the lagoon shore. Those less fortunate were injured and unable to move, buried beneath debris or even impaled on broken mangrove trees. All were bruised and battered and all were in shock from the sudden and strange event. Through the dark of the evening, survivors searched for and helped the injured, family members searched for each other, and many made their way inland to safe ground.”

These were the spoken words of Lucas Rawah – one of the few survivors of that disastrous event that happened on the 17th July, 1998 at Sissano about midway between Aitape and Vanimo on the north west coast of Papua New Guinea. I was stationed in Port Moresby when this event happened but I had visited Aitape and Sissano a few times between 1974 and 1979 when I and my family were living up in Wewak.  Several months after, Lucas Rawah did a painting of how he saw that massive wave about to strike his village.

This tsunami struck in the late evening but just before that some of the locals were fishing at the beach when suddenly the sea started receding away from the shore and several school children were setting up loud speakers on the beach for a bit of a “dance party”. The fishermen had never seen this before and were wondering what was happening. Some ten minutes or so later they could hear a loud noise coming in from the ocean and were wondering what it was as by now the sky was darker and suddenly a huge wave at least 15 metres tall came crashing in towards them and the noise it made was horrific.  The wave engulfed all those on the beach then it tore into the villages close by and nearly all the people in them were killed or severely injured with a number of children having their legs broken, (and later amputated just below the knee in hospitals in Wewak and Port Moresby after the event).

It didn’t end there, for soon after a second  wave came down along the shore from the west causing even more death and destruction. By now it was very dark as the night rolled on and it wasn’t until dawn the following morning that the remaining native people could see what really happened. The two waves wiped out dozens of villages and many more people with it.

Two generations, the old and the babies were taken by the swirling damaging waves. All their clothes, watches etc ripped off them by the force of the water mixed with sand. Impossible to describe what they went through that long, long dark night.

It was nearly six hours later before the news of this disaster was picked up by radio in Port Moresby and within hours Defence Force planes as well as missionary planes were in action taking medical and food supplies as well as medical equipment, doctors, nurses etc to Aitape some 20 km from the disaster zone. They were then taken by 4 wheel drive Landcruisers to the villages that were badly damaged to help the survivors. It took nearly a year before villagers returned but most had since moved further inland behind the Sissano lagoon.

This was one of the biggest tragedies ever to strike PNG for quite some time causing more deaths than volcanic eruptions and other tsunamis over the years.

One of the main reasons for the death and destruction of so many villages is that they were located on top of a thin piece of land some 5 kilometers long separating the ocean from the Sissano Lagoon.

Previously the Sissano lagoon never existed, it was all dry land until 1906 and 1935 when two earthquakes occurred in the Aitape area of the Sepik Provinces.

These could well claim the dubious honor of being among the World’s great earthquakes yet they were not included on the map and are generally not known outside of the Sepik area. Two major earthquakes in one area within 50 years almost certainly meant another one at some time in the future, and it did, for this other major earthquake struck the same area on July 17th, 1998 causing over 2,200 deaths and colossal damage to the many villages on that long thin piece of land that separated the ocean from the Sissano lagoon.

Another tsunami is highly likely in the future, for that part of Papua New Guinea sits on a seismic zone.

Charles Betteridge


Newsflash!  ** New services available at Dunoon General Practice **

Firstly, Dr. James Rickcord has joined us and is working every Monday. (Dr. Phil Aitken will be still coming once a month.)

Secondly, Anne-Maree Cheffins (Nurse Practitioner) does a Heart and Lung Health clinic with us every second Thursday.  She is trained in Respiratory and Cardiac Nursing and so is able to assess lung function and heart health.  As a nurse practitioner she can also do scripts, medical certificates, dressings etc. (almost exactly like James, Phil and I, but in a dress!)

Thirdly, Deborah Crosby is our own Practice Nurse who works every Friday. She is here to help coordinate care, run specific clinics (vaccines, Women’s Health), do home visits, Aged Care and Dementia Assessments. She can also do medical certificates, dressings and discuss the pros and cons of goat raising!

Fourthly, Mark Roberts, exercise physiologist/physio and local identity, is running a muscular-skeletal, injury clinic every second Monday.

Finally, next year Mary Carter (local psychologist) will be running three group-based workshops dealing with anxiety, depression and child mental health.

Apart from a small payment for the group sessions with Mary Carter, all the other services here at Dunoon are bulk-billed through Medicare and free for all patients in the local area.

The free script delivery service (from Southside Pharmacy only) is open to all patients.

We are usually open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please contact us and ask the wonderful Narelle for a booking to see any of the above people or for more information.


Dr Nathan Kesteven


Parking and access to Whian Whian Falls area – Update

In response to concerns about a range of issues raised by local residents regarding Whian Whian Falls, Rous County Council (RCC) (as the adjoining land owner to Whian Whian Falls) has undertaken a review of the site and is in the process of redesigning the parking arrangements and altering the access at the falls.

This process will hopefully see future modifications to the car parking area to improve the efficiency and safety of parking arrangements and allow for safe entry and exit of vehicles onto the adjoining Whian Whian Road. However visitor spaces will be limited to ensure that site remains a low key area.

RCC would like to remind residents ad visitors of the dangers of parking in the areas other than the sealed parking area adjacent to the existing access track. RCC would also like to encourage visitors to park only in appropriate areas and refrain from parking on the grass verge near existing private driveways out of respect for the community that lives in the area.

Additionally, an alternative access to the falls is currently under consideration.

This access is through the forest, rather than through the riparian area. This will allow for restoration of the riparian zone, safety and amenity improvements and will enable the existing Bunya Pines to remain at the site (these non-endemic trees present a safety hazard but have been identified by the local community as a valued feature at the site and so can be retained by re-directing the walking track).

Whilst continuing to allow public access to the site for swimming, recreation and nature appreciation, RCC has a duty of care to provide clear and unambiguous advice regarding the dangers and hazards present at the site. Whilst RCC has installed such signage near the falls themselves, there is an additional need to provide signage at the entrance to the falls that addresses some of the other messages that RCC, in partnership with the local community, seeks to convey to visitors (whilst allowing access to the site). These joint messages relate to the social, cultural and ecological values of the site and the requested adherence by visitors to uphold these values. A small artistic sign that highlights these values will be developed in partnership with the local community for the entrance.

Further information regarding redesign of the carpark, access track and signage will be provided for comment in March/April 2018.

Furthermore, Lismore City Council (LCC) (as the road authority for Whian Whian Road) has indicated that whilst resources are limited for the enforcement of the existing parking restrictions, LCC options include the potential installation of some additional traffic advisory/caution signage along Whian Road to alert motorists to the potential hazards around the Whian Whian Falls area.  In response to community reports, this area is also under consideration by LCC via its Traffic Management Committee.  The local community is encouraged to report outstanding traffic hazards to Council for awareness/information.



So there I was, just trying to dilute last night’s heavy session on the eucalyptus, when some sheila brings out the mobile phone! Fair crack, lady. Can’t a bloke grab a drink in peace?! My head was throbbing, not just from the fermenting leaves, but I had dropped 20-30m and the air-pressure at that level is not pleasant. Maybe it was the pong of that rough, cheap oil on the black track nearby? Whatever, she just had the urge to become a photographer and gain some attention on Facebook using paparazzi-style pictures while I was vulnerable, without even time to comb me locks!

Once I saw through the fug at what she doing, I took off, back up me tree. Well, in me own hoppy, crawly-type of way I took off. I lost sight of her and hid. Super concealed like I do, behind some leaf-o-flage. Got to give it to her, she wasn’t giving up. After another unsolicited photo, I thought. It was about then, that Bill, or Ol’ Blink as I call him, told me my white butt was hanging low. Never so embarrassed, and sure that chick got the money shot, I flew like a Kookaburra higher into the leaf-o-flage. Not only do those gum leaves taste good, they can hide a mate, too!

But she still didn’t go!! She just stood there. Baring her teeth, which made her eyes squint. And every now and then, aimed her clawless finger at me. Was she after a fight? It was my tree! It was just weird. I was thinking: “You’ve had your look and took your photo! Clear off.” She must have been suffering some of the effects of the air pressure and oily pong. Still, I gave her my best death stare to make her leave.

I’m sure she took a picture of that, too. Crazy lass. It did the trick though. She got back inside the big, noisy box and zoomed away. No doubt she has told all of her other weird human mates of the encounter with Dunoon royalty.


What is happening at the Anglican Church of St.Matthew’s

On Sunday 12th November, we held our Remembrance Sunday Service when we gathered in the Church to remember the service–men and women from this area and others who served in our armed forces in major conflicts.

The Church was full and Alan Shaw (our Assistant Rector) together with Deacon Graeme Davis, conducted a wonderful service which touched the hearts of everyone present. Kim Maczkowiack read ‘The Ode’.  We had a poppy ceremony within the service when we remembered individual members of our community who had served in major conflicts.   In all, a very successful occasion, one we now repeat every year, so hope to see you next November – mark your calendar for November 11th 2018 – which will be very special in that it will be 100 years (to the date) since the Armistice at the end of World War I.

Now to forthcoming events: On 17th December at 7:00pm we shall be having our, now, annual


This is NOT a Church Service. This is simply a gathering of village folk to sing Carols in our beautiful new building – a time of community fellowship – a time of social interaction with SUPPER (Christmas Cake and a cuppa).  Do come along!! We particularly need children to attend to fill the roles of the characters in the nativity tableau.

Our Christmas Service this year will be held on 24th December at 6:30pm and this will be the last service in the church for the year. Don’t forget, normal services are every Sunday at 10:00am (except January) and Guild meets every three months at my home.

‘Gina Murray, Anglican Women’s Guild of St. Matthew’s, Dunoon


Rainbow Power Company has a long history of participation in solar projects in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and throughout the Pacific region. Continuing this tradition, we recently completed a project in Kiribati, an idyllic yet particularly vulnerable archipelago in the Central Pacific region.  The islands, and people, of Kiribati are directly impacted by climate change, and rising sea levels.  The highest point on the main island of Tarawa sits only about 3m above sea level.  The nation comprises about 100,000 inhabitants, spread across numerous islands, occupying an area of about 4000km, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – one of the most isolated nations in the entire world.

In August, Rainbow Power Company representative, Paul O’Reilly, travelled to Kiribati, for seven days, to oversee the delivery of eight 10kW solar arrays, and to coordinate training in design, installation and maintenance of these units.  This project was funded by the Italian government, as a direct result of the recent Paris climate accord.  Rainbow Power has worked closely with the Kiribati Department of Ministry, Public Works and Utilities and Energy Planning Department, on this project, which is designed to strengthen the local marine export industry.  The eight units will be spread across the islands, and used to supply off grid power to refrigeration units, thereby increasing storage capacity.  Fish products are the main export market in Kiribati, and access to a renewable energy resource is an important step in ongoing self-sufficiency for this vulnerable population.

Education is a major focus for Rainbow Power Company, and projects such as this one in Kiribati are not restricted to the simple supply of products.  As part of this project, Paul was involved in training local staff in the design of cost effective off grid solar arrays, and the installation and maintenance of these systems.  Rainbow Power remains available for after sale support, for this and all other projects.

Paul reports that the island people of Kiribati were warm and welcoming, peaceful and happy, and he greatly enjoyed working with them.  Rainbow Power Company is proud of our involvement in this, and other renewable energy projects, both locally and abroad.


Work begins on community floating solar farm

Construction of Lismore City Council’s floating community solar farm is now underway.

Component parts are now on site at the East Lismore Sewage Treatment Plant and installer Suntrix has commenced assembly of the floating solar farm on the treatment plant overflow ponds.

Lismore Community Solar is a collaboration with Farming the Sun – a community solar energy collaboration led by regional sustainability charity, Starfish Initiatives – to build two 99kW solar farms in Lismore: a rooftop solar farm at Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre which has been operating since July and the floating solar farm at East Lismore.

The community energy project uses a financial model which is the first of its kind in Australia. Two companies each with 20 local investors raised the funds which were loaned to Council to build the solar farms.

Sharyn explained that the floating solar farm came about because of practical constraints.

We simply didn’t have enough roof or land space at the East Lismore Sewage Treatment Plant,” she said.

Then it hit us – we have all this space on the water; why not use that?

The overflow pond at the East Lismore Sewage Treatment Plant provides a large body of water with low velocity, perfect for a floating solar farm. The cooling properties of water also help the solar panels last longer and perform better, while increased shade over the pond reduces evaporation and algal growth.

The solar farms are part of Council’s Renewable Energy Master Plan with the goal of self-generating all its electricity from renewable sources by 2023.

Funding is from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy grants program plus donations from private philanthropists.

Lismore Memorial Baths reopen

We’re so glad to be able to open before Christmas and ensure people can come to their local pool over the summer holidays to cool off,” Lismore City Council’s Manager of Major Recreation and Cultural Facilities Tony Duffy said.

The community has been very patient while we have undertaken essential flood repairs, and we can’t thank our regular pool users enough. We are lucky in many ways that it has been a mild spring.

We would love to see families get into the Christmas spirit and dress up for our family fun day on 17 December. This will be a great chance to celebrate the festive season with the whole family – and all entry and inflatable tickets will be half price. We encourage everyone to come along – the more the merrier!

The following week (Monday, 18 December) opening hours will revert to normal: Monday to Friday from 6am to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Over the Christmas/New Year period, the pool will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day but will remain open throughout the rest of the holiday break.

Entry to the Christmas-themed family fun day on 17 December is half price for all users.

The family fun day will run from 9am to 5pm with giveaways throughout the day and a prize for best dressed boy and girl. There will also be a $2 sausage sizzle from 11am to 3pm and inflatable fun from 11am to 4pm. The kiosk will be open as normal and food and drink will be for sale on the day.

Lismore City Council bleeds by example

LISMORE City Council has taken out the number two spot in New South Wales – and number six in Australia – for its life-saving contributions to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Red25 Council Blood Challenge.

To donate blood, call 13 14 95 or visit


Lismore City Council is calling for expressions of interest from rural landholders to undertake on-ground works on their property to protect and enhance biodiversity and/or koala habitat.

Assistance of up to $5000 is available for primary works and initial maintenance in the first year, with complex restoration projects eligible for second year funds of up to $2500. Sites along floodplain riverbanks can apply for up to $10,000 if works include fencing and off-stream watering.

Due to the recent flood, restoration works that aim to address flood damage to creeks and riverbanks, hillslopes and bushland are eligible for funding. These projects must also address the long-term biodiversity benefits that can be achieved alongside flood damage repair and mitigation.

Council has produced a series of booklets on the major environmental issues for five land use types in our region: beef graziers, dairy farmers, orchardists, floodplain croppers and rural ‘lifestyle’ landholders.

The booklets offer ideas for improving land management practices for biodiversity and includes a Farm Health Assessment Tool so that landholders can self-assess their current practices and identify possible actions for project proposals.

Expressions of interest are open until 25 January 2018 and Council can provide assistance with technical advice and mapping.

Visit the website at and go to the green ‘Environment & Sustainability’ tab and click on Rural Landholder Initiative.

Or for more information, phone Council’s Rural Extension Officer Kate Steel on 1300 87 83 87.


Channon/Dunoon Pony Club

Fiona Wilders

6628 2690
Channon Tennis Club 6688 6165
Dunoon Sports Club

Enquiries & Cricket

6689 5444
Dunoon Social Golf

Chris Gulliver

6689 5147

0428 428 165

Dunoon United Football Club

Rob Gatt (President)

Matt Hill (Secretary)





Call Sports Club


6689 5444

Tullera Tennis Club

Pauline Leeson

6628 2224
Girl Guides

Helen Hargreaves

6618 9169



Barry Watts 6689 5359
Aline Feebrey 6689 5438
Ross McDougall 0409 425 551
John Hildebrand 0408 282 224
John Mace 0415 499 929
John Hutchison 6688 6480
Tony Roden 6689 1562
Neale Hayter 6688 6171
J.J. Bruce 6688 6453
Russell Johnston 6688 6185
De Condos 6688 2163
Dave Hughes 6688 2023
Eric Kinchin 6688 2217




Wednesday 10 am

Community Group


6689 5018

Thursday 5:30 pm

Exercise Class

Mon and Wed 9 am

Lifestyle Mgmt

Mark Roberts

0419 831 424

6 weekly 6:30 pm

Film Night

Mark Roberts

0419 831 424

Thursday 7:30 pm



6628 2064

Sunday 9:30 am

Sunday School

Sunday 11 am

Church Service


Ray Patch

6689 5229



Community members welcome. For all bookings please contact:

Dunoon Post Office 6689 5101



Tullera Hall 6628 2060
Corndale Hall David Hunter

6628 4364

Dorroughby Hall 6689 5013
Whian Whian Hall Trevor Tuckey
The Channon Hall General Store

6688 6240



Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers 6628 1866



Holy Communion Every Sunday 10.00 am

Guild meets first Sunday of month 11:30 am



Sunday School 9.30am

Memorial Meeting 11am each Sunday

Bible Address on occasions 6689 5229



1st & 3rd Sundays 9.30am



2nd & 4th Sundays 9.30am

WIRES Animal Rescue 24hr Hotline

6628 1898




School Days Only School Bus Service
Please flag driver / 0421 566 460

DEPARTS Whian Whian (cnr Starkey Rd) 7:57am
May St, Dunoon (Nthn end) 8:08am
May St, Dunoon (Sthn end) 8:10am
ARRIVES Trinity 8:40am
DEPARTS Lismore Square – Brewster St (opp taxi & bus zone) 3:18pm
Trinity Bay 1 (opp Menins) 3:30pm
ARRIVES Dunoon Shop 4:00pm
Whian Whian 4:15pm



Wheelchair Accessible

6624 8734/0412 248 503

Service is ‘Hail & Ride’ along the route

Bus For Hire


DEPARTS Dorroughby Hall 7:50am
Dunoon Store 8:00
Modanville Store 8:10
Tullera Hall 8:16
Minschull Cres. 8:21
R.R High school 8:25
Woodlark St 8:30
Lismore Square 8:32
Trinity interchange 8:35 Bay 10
DEPARTS Lismore Bus Terminus 3:30pm
Lismore Library 3:33
Trinity interchange 3:37 Bay 10



DEPARTS Dorroughby 8:30am
Dunoon 8:40
Modanville 8:45
Tullera 8:52
Minschull 8:56
Woodlark 9:00
Lismore Bus Terminus 9:07
DEPARTS Lismore Bus Terminus 3:30pm
Lismore Library 3.33




TUESDAY Lismore Organic Market

Every Tuesday 7:30 – 11 am
Lismore Showgrounds

EVERY SATURDAY Lismore Farmers’ Market

8am Lismore Showgrounds

Alstonville Farmers’ Market

8am – 12 noon Bugden Lane Car Park

1ST SATURDAY Lismore Makers Market

10am – 2pm Cnr Keen and Magellan

1ST SUNDAY Lismore Car Boot

8am – 2pm Lismore Square Carpark

Byron Bay Market

2ND SUNDAY The Channon Craft Markets

3RD SATURDAY Mullumbimby Market

3RD SUNDAY Lismore Car Boot


Bangalow Market

9am – 3pm


Nimbin Markets

4th and 5th Sunday 8am – 4pm

Market coordinator 0458 506 000



Tuesday Week 2

Michael Riddle Enquiries:

Phone 6625 5100

Feb 7 and 21

Mar 7 and 21

Apr 4 and 18

May 2, 16 and 30

Jun 13 and 27

Clunes 9–10am School
Dunoon 11:15am–12:15pm School
Modanville 2:00–3:30pm School



Dunoon Lodge

Gordon Starkey

6689 5166
Northern Rivers

Animal Shelter


6681 1860



Dunoon Public School 6689 5208
Modanville Public School 6628 2234
Corndale Public School 6628 4305
The Channon Public School 6688 6236
Whian Whian Public School 6689 5240
Dunoon Pre School 6689 5396
The Channon Children’s Centre 6688 6330
Dunoon After School/Vacation Care 6689 5930
Tullera/Modanville Playgroup 6689 5381





Advertising Dunoon Gazette 6689 5954
Aged Care & Respite Nimbin Aged Care & Respite 6689 1709
Auto-Electrician, Rewinds and Electrics Marcus Rewinds & Electrics 0408 215 696
Bolts and Fasteners Bolt Barn*, 183 Union St, Sth Lismore 6621 9090
Bottle Shop Dunoon General Store 6689 5225
Mary G’s 6622 2924
Bus Service Dunoon 6624 8734
Whian Whian 0421 566 460
Cafe/Bakery Henry’s Bakery*, 87 Keen St, Lismore 6621 7035
Carpenter John Ferronato 0429 895 130
Celebrant Gina Murray 6689 5104
Childcare Northern Rivers Family Day Care 6621 6437
Doctor Dunoon General Practice, James St 6689 5811
Driveway repairs R & J Field Contracting – Adam 0423101206
Earthmoving Tom Thumb – Jeremy 0457 895 414

6689 5414

Dugright – Michael 0412 230 982
Backhoe – Des 0409 952 068
Electrical Services Warren Lewis, Whian Whian 6689 5034
 – including solar Martin Mader 0429 891 555
Fencing Contractor/Firewood Andrew Shepherd 0431 095 583
General Store Dunoon General Store 6689 5225
Holiday house Dianne Flynn (Port Macquarie) 0408 614 113
Insurance Dudgeon & Berry, 5/76 Woodlark St 6621 3000
Laundry Service Clean & Green Laundry, 50 Terania St 6622 1359
Plumber Nik Hyde 6689 5174
Postal and Services Dunoon Post Office – Fiona 6689 5101
Real Estate Elders Alstonville, Darryl Rose 6628 0000


Refrigeration Russell’s Refrigeration 6621 3992
Restaurant Dunoon Sports Club, Cowley Rd, 6689 5469
Mary G’s, Cnr Woodlark/Keen St 6622 2924
Septic Tank Pumping Summerland Environmental 6687 2880
Slashing R & J Field Contracting – Adam 0423101206
Sports Club Dunoon Sports Club 6689 5444
Takeaway/Restaurant Little Delhi*, 32 Carrington St, Lismore 0422 938 248
Modanville Takeaway 6628 2005
Tipper/Handyman Darren Bassey 6628 2147
Towing Service Bruno Zambelli, OL90247,Modanville 6628 2230
Tractor Repairs Lismore Tractor & Machinery Centre, 30 Tweed St, Nth Lismore 6622 2842
Transport Northern Rivers Community Transport 6628 8806
Travel Schirelle Domski Cruise1st Australia 8985 9462
Tyres Pirlos, 30 Union St, Sth Lismore 6621 3561
Wine Imogen’s Farm Wines 0411 518 096
Wired4 – Home Theatre Iain Thompson 0421 871 144

*Free directory listing for flood-affected businesses. Please give these (and all our local businesses) your support.



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